Celebrating Our 51st Edition, August 4 to 7, 2023

10:00am ZUMBA with RADHIKA

Looking for an early morning high energy cardio workout to start your day? Then make your way to the Kempenfest family stage for Zumba with Radhika. Radhika will get you moving and grooving through a variety of high to low intensity dance moves to the tunes of upbeat music. Make sure to wear running shoes, light shorts and t-shirt. And make sure to bring water to keep hydrated while working out!



Madison Mueller is an award winning singer-songwriter that strives to capture listeners through her lively and genuine on-stage presence. Playing anything from modern hits, to classic rock and more, the young performer has something in her set for every age.


As a child of 3 years old Aislynn mimicked songs on the radio. Now at the age of 16 Aislynn performs on stage and sings the songs of Canadian singers like Gordon Lightfoot, Blue Rodeo and many more. She will be joined by her accomplished music teacher Sarah Hyde from rising star music in Alliston.

1:00pm – THE FITZEES

The Fitzees are well known in the Town of Innisfil playing many of the town’s events such as Fresh Air Flicks, Town Square, Pitch In Day, Mayor’s Gala, as well as Gilford’s Jackstock and more. Music genre: Folk, Classic Rock, New Rock and a little Country.

2:00pm – YEW THREE

Yew Three will be making their debut on the family stage at Kempenfest 2023. Our performers Jennifer Hong and her band mate Shona McLeish enjoy singing and performing tunes covering rock, blues, Celtic, folk, gospel music and more.


The Kempencelts have been playing a variety of music for many years and this includes Celtic, East Coast, contemporary and Old Time tunes. On fiddle, mandolin and vocals are Carol Kline and Cheryl Wilson. On banjo, bodhran and vocals is Brian Gogarty and on guitar and vocals is Dave LaChapelle.

4:00pm – ENVIRO DRUM

New to this year’s Kempenfest family stage is Enviro Drum!  As founder of Enviro Drum and as an active professional musician Jeff Salem has toured and performed in over 80 countries and recorded on many CD’s for winning artist of Canadian Idol. He will be joined by Michaël Filion, an accomplished musician/composer/producer and Tony Cutrone who is an accomplished songwriter. Jeff, Michaël and Tony look forward to this opportunity to inspire you and the next generation to look after our planet in a fun, entertaining and engaging way through Enviro Drum. 

5:15pm Teresa & The Foundation


When you want to get the crowd riled up for a night of wrestling, you turn to Barrie’s crowd-pleasing KISS Tribute. “KRYSTAL BETH’s KISS set is hotter than hell – they’re always dressed to kill, and are the ultimate destroyers of eardrums. You’re guaranteed to rock and roll all over until your love gun is spent! A rock dynasty you don’t want to miss!” – The Elder

7:30pm – BASH BY THE BAY 2

Barrie Wrestling returns to the beach and Kempenfest with Bash By The Bay 2! Saturday, August 5, see all the stars of Barrie Wrestling as they heat up the summer even more. Heavyweight Champion John Atlas defends his title as do the 400 North Tag Team Champions Puf and Pretty Ricky. Three Pistols Champion Myung Jae Lee continues his record reign and Barrie Wrestling Women’s Champion Shilo will also see action. Family friendly professional wrestling for nine years, Barrie Wrestling is back at Kempenfest!



Clogging…what’s it all about? Think TAP meets IRISH meets LINE dancing. A fun and easy Appalachian percussive high energy step-dance, that is involves, Clappin’, Foot Stompin’ Hootin’ and Hollarin’ to pop, fiddle, country, R’n’R, Disco & Bluegrass music! Healthy for the heart, lungs, muscles toning and memory! 

11:00am – Indian Folk Dancer Radhika

Please join us in welcoming back Radhika to the family stage.  She will take you through the traditional Indian folk dances, which are performed at every possible festival and celebratory occasion such as weddings, seasons and the birth of a child. Come and enjoy the energy, colour and richness of Indian culture in the community!


Meet Team Spreaddance, the epitome of Bollyfusion entertainment in Toronto, where East truly meets West in a breathtaking symphony of dance, fuelled by an unyielding passion for seamlessly blending the rich tapestry of Western and Desi cultures, creating a harmonious marriage of beats, steps, and melodies that transcend boundaries. Joined by Nachde Rangeelay, a local Bhangra Team from Brampton, Ontario, whose focus is on keeping the folk roots of Bhangra, a dance style from Punjab, India and combine it with a twist of modern choreography.


We are delighted to have our Ukrainian community members Ivanna Che, Tetiana Cherneta, and Vita Oleksii who will be offering a high quality performance through song along with playing of the Bandura, a stringed instrument considered the national instrument of Ukraine. The Bandura has 32-55 strings and combines the elements of the zither and lute. Two of our performers Tetiana and Vita, are newcomers, who fled the war last year and came to Canada.


Join in the fun and creative art of belly dance movement with Nicole and the Cairo’s Jewels BellyDance troupe as they shimmy to the Middle Eastern beat and modern music! Cairo’s Jewel BellyDance was established in 2008 when a group of dancers met weekly to rehearse dance material learned in classes and to prepare for upcoming performances and fundraisers.

3:00pm – SALSA BEATS

Learning to dance offers so much more than just dance…. it’s a shortcut to happiness, physical and mental health, community and connection.  Join us at family stage where the Salsa Beats dancers will showcase how to dance the Bachata, a slow paced, melodic and beautiful dance, and the Casino Rueda Salsa, a Cuban style of dance done in a group setting. Come and learn why so many people love the rhythmic dance of Salsa!


Fan performance is mesmerizing! Impactful! Stunning! It takes months of practice to coordinate and stylize the moves to music to put the choreographed pieces together as a group. Fan performance is empowering for the performer providing an artist outlet for our martial arts disciplines that we study in a way that we can personalize and share. It’s not only a great way to stay active but a wonderful way to connect with others.


The Imbayakunas’ music allows the listener to escape on an exotic voyage to a South American traditional Native community. Their musical intention is to share the rich sounds of the Andean regions. In Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia traditional music is the privileged expression of 20 million Quechua and 4 million Aymaras. The songs are interpretations of their past and the evolution of their culture into the future. The Imbayakunas music group have won three Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards in Canada, for being the BEST INTERNATIONAL INDIGENOUS ARTIST in 2014, 2017, and 2018.

Join us for a FREE Concert presented by ROCK 95 on the KOOL Family Stage. All Ages welcome. Supporting Texas King is Face the Lion, Kill/Death Radio, Scott Murray and youth performer Adam Shuttleworth.

Watch Texas King’s new video


Neema Children’s Choir first visited Canada in 2013 and again in 2015. With the help of Neema Child Project, they returned once every summer since 2015. The choir is directed by Pastor Daniel Mutibwa of Kingdom Child Project. They have spent entire summers dancing, singing and spreading God’s Light all over southern Ontario at schools, churches, markets, AND music festivals. The choir members are orphaned and impoverished children aged 8 to 18 who are being raised by Pastor Francis Daniel Mutibwa and his wife Winifred Tumu Mutibwa of Kingdom Child Project. They represent hundreds of thousands of children in Uganda and millions more in the rest of Africa who have been orphaned due to the effects of AIDS, civil wars and under-developed social systems. The choir not only raises funds for themselves but for their brothers and sisters who remain back in Uganda and are supported by Kingdom Child Project.


12:00pm – Barrie Music School Talent Showcase

We are so happy that musicians are finally back to doing live performances after nearly two years. There’s nothing quite like the magic that happens between musicians and a live audience – that instant feedback can’t be replace by comments on Facebook or in a live Youtube show. We are pleased to welcome back to our stage the students and teachers from Barrie Music School for their summer showcase. Learn More about Barrie Music School